Surface-mount power inductors certified for automotive applications

24-11-2015 | TT Electronics | Passives

A new range of surface-mount power inductors for high-frequency and high-temperature applications, the HA65A series/ has been introduced by TT Electronics.

The inductors are designed to meet the requirements of the growing automotive market's need for certified, high-power inductors specifically for buck, boost or buck-boost power converter topologies for optimum voltage regulation at fast switching frequencies.

Optimised for consistent high efficiency and 'low parasitic' performance using low-loss ferrite core material and a helical coil configuration, the HA65A series inductors are designed for high density switching power applications such as DC-DC converters, low pass ripple current filters and EMI filters. The extremely robust inductors embrace a very wide operating temperature range of -40C to +155C, so are well equipped to operate safely and reliably in the most punishing of automotive applications.

The HA65A series inductors' low DC resistance (DCR) figures and low core loss deliver higher overall system efficiency. Their shielded design improves system level EMI performance, and the inductors' AEC-Q200 Rev D, Grade 1 automotive certification not only ratifies them for use in such applications but also stands as further proof of their rugged design for all types of passenger vehicle system requirements, says the company.


By Electropages Admin