Rugged and reliable connectors for harsh environment applications

03-08-2015 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

TE Connectivity's Deutsch 369 connector series is now available from TTI
Europe. A high-reliability, lightweight, compact and cost-efficient
interconnect solution, the 369 Series interconnects withstand vibration, are
fully sealed and suit aerospace and other harsh-environment applications.
The Series is based on the successful ARINC 809/EN4165 single module
connector and is BACC qualified.

The 369 Series is designed for applications where fewer contacts are
required and shielding is unnecessary. Connectors are available with 3, 6
and 9 aerospace standard AS39029 size 22 contacts. The 369 Series is
manufactured from high-performance composite materials and is fully sealed
for use in areas with high moisture levels; additionally it conforms to the
smoke, toxicity and flammability requirements of FAR 25.

The connectors offer fast and simple installation and maintenance of cabling
and a range of individually colour-coded keyed shells. Each half of the
connector can be configured with either male or female contacts, which
offers the advantage of doubling the possible keying combinations and
protecting contacts on the powered side of the system.

Contacts can be extracted and reinserted from the rear of the connector with
standard tooling. In blind mating or low visibility conditions, the
scoop-proof interface prevents damage to contacts. In addition, a button
latching mechanism provides fast positive and audible locking, while a cable
tie helps prevent inadvertent un-mating.

Suitable applications include: aerospace (including in-flight entertainment
and power); agricultural vehicles; coaches and buses; commercial vehicles;
forklifts; trucks; on-road vehicles; recreational marine applications.

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