High-power UV-C LED targets medical equipment sterilisation applications and more

29-07-2015 | RS Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The LEUVA66B00HF00, from LG Innotek, is a UV LED with a peak wavelength of
278nm. Available now from RS Components, the high-power UV-C LED emits in
the 'C' area of the UV spectrum and is ideal for use in medical equipment
sterilisation applications, says the company.

As an ideal alternative to mercury UV LEDs, the LEUVA66B00HF00 offers high
efficiency, long life-time, a compact package and it is environmentally
friendly. It also does not require 'warm-up' time in order to begin a
sterilisation process. The LEUVA66B00HF00 UV-C LED comes in a square
surface mount package with a viewing angle of 121 degrees.

Suitable applications include disinfection, water purification,
phototherapy, sensor light and counterfeit detection, says the company.

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