New ultra low-profile high-current inductors available with profile down to 1mm

16-06-2015 | TTI Europe | Passives

A new family of Vishay ultra low-profile high-current inductors is now available through TTI Europe. The Vishay IFSC devices combine profiles down to 1mm with a high maximum frequency and a wide range of standard inductance values - from 1.47µH to 330µH. The new high-current inductors suit many different applications, including DC-DC converters, low-profile, high-current power supplies, Point of Load (POL) converters, hard disk drives, smart phones, tablets and digital video cameras.

Key benefits include shielded construction and the ability to handle high transient current spikes without saturation. The devices have a high maximum frequency range of up to 5MHz. Saturation current range is from 0.235A up to 5.5A. Typical DCR is from 17mohm to 4200mohm, with maximum DCR from 22mohm to 5040mohm. Operating temperature range is from -55C to +125C. They are available in 0896, 1008, 1111 and 1515 case sizes.

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