Twist and lock scoop-proof connectors with EMI shielding

24-06-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Amphenol Pegasus Series twist and lock 'scoop-proof' connectors are now available from Mouser. The connectors provide the same convenience and weight savings of the established Luminus Series, with the added benefit of EMI shielding and protection from ambient noise transients. EMI shielding is provided by an electroless copper and nickel plate, and a copper alloy spring finger gasket. Tests show greater than 50db of attenuation for low-end signals (<100Mhz) and greater than 40db of attenuation for high-end signals (<1Ghz). This level of isolation makes Pegasus Series the ideal choice for AC wash lighting, fluorescent lighting, switching power supply systems, and inter-system connectivity signal paths, where protection against ambient noise transients is required. (DO-160G Section 21 categories B, L and M and DO-160G Section 20 categories S & T). The connectors are suitable for a wide range of applications from lighting to defence, power generation and communications.


By Electropages Admin