DDC- Line drivers selected for weather radar system redesign

26-06-2015 | DDC | Design Applications

Data Device Corporation (DDC) has been selected by Honeywell Aerospace to
provide ARINC 429 line drivers (DD-4107X) for the redesign of the data
processor in a weather radar system.

DDC’s ARINC 429 line drivers are an 8-pin, SOIC (Small Outline Integrated
Circuit) package devices with exposed pad for thermal enhancement, and
convert TTL/CMOS serial input data to ARINC-specified amplitudes.

“The ARINC 429 line driver continues DDC’s commitment to providing a full
range of connectivity support for aerospace applications, from components to
boards to system level solutions, and we are excited about the opportunity
to support Honeywell Aerospace’s Value Engineering mission with this
product”, stated Mike Hegarty, DDC’s data bus component product line

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