New low-profile vertical PCB-mount Micro USB plug saves 80% board space

05-05-2015 | Global | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Global Connector Technology has expanded its industry leading range of vertical micro USB connectors with the introduction of a new micro USB plug which is vertical PCB mounted. Versus a popular competitor height above PCB is 7.13mm, a more than 5mm profile saving. Footprint is a compact 7.35mm x 2.80mm - an 80% footprint saving. Micro USB plugs are normally mounted on a cable assembly, USB3150 offers designers an alternative option as it’s a micro USB plug designed for vertical printed circuit board mounting. Perfect for cradle mounting applications, normally used to charge handheld devices from cell phones up to rugged PC’s. The PCB plug is through-hole with five contacts. To achieve additional strength on PCB the new range features six metal shell stakes and two plastic locating pegs. Two shell stake and lead length options are offered at 0.75mm and 1.30mm allowing users to choose the appropriate type to suit their PCB thickness. USB3150 meets USB2.0 standards including ten thousand mating cycles and mating / un-mating forces between 8-35N, says the company.

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