New offset-nose narrow-body jack socket expands audio connector portfolio

05-05-2015 | Cliff Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

With the introduction of a number of new product, Cliff Electronics continues to expand its range of audio jack sockets. The space-saving new S1 industry standard ¼-inch offset-nose narrow-body jack socket offers equipment manufacturers higher PCB packing densities. The S1 may be specified with an optional integral chassis grounding contact which connects to the barrel of plug for maximum earth continuity ensuring lowest noise signals and maximum safety. The socket is available in all nose thread variants. Applications include musical instruments and amplifiers, effects pedals and all audio equipment where space is at a premium. Also new, the S9 range of stereo switched jack sockets features contacts engineered with advanced contact tip technology to accept the widest range of 'Far Eastern' plug shapes, is right-angle mounted with PCB and solder tag contact options and nose thread variants. A mono switched version, the S6 is also available. Cliff’s S9 stereo jack sockets are widely used in educational equipment, mobile systems for exhibition audio tours, PDAs and personal audio products. Further, a range of sealed ¼-inch jack sockets minimizes contact contamination due to dust and dirt commonly found in fan-cooled equipment or products which are infrequently used and spend time in storage. The sealed jack sockets are available with a full range of nose thread variations, connected earth and RFI washer variants and for further protection from dust ingress captive hole caps may be specified to seal vacant sockets.

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