Faston contact terminal combines low insertion force with high performance

20-04-2015 | TE Connectivity | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced a Faston made with an F-spring contact that offers improved retention, insertion, and contact-stability benefits compared with other solutions on the market. The terminal’s ergonomic features can help manufacturers provide safe and efficient assembly, which in turn results in end-product reliability and customer satisfaction. The terminal is suitable for large and small appliances, power tools, electric motors, air conditioning, lighting, automotive, high-temperature designs and many other applications that require long-life interconnections. TE’s F-spring product offers a low insertion force (LIF) of less than 35N maximum, due to its leaf-spring rolls, flared lead-in, and milled surface. Located on the top and bottom surface, the leaf-spring rolls help provide high normal force in the contact areas and LIF during tab insertion. They also exhibit optimum wiping action during contact engagement. The F-spring contact Faston terminal also has a locking dimple on a cantilevered surface that works as a safety device to maintain contact position and helps to prevent unintentional disconnection. Moreover, the new terminal offers design engineers the sought-after benefits of small size, a high operating temperature and a high current rating (20A max). Its steel-plated steel contacts are for 6.35mm x 0.8mm tabs according to UL 310 and IEC 61210 norms, says the company. “We developed our new F-spring contact Faston terminals to address safety and quality standards that affect a range of applications in many different markets,” said Ugo Aime, TE Connectivity product manager for Faston terminals, EMEA. “These terminals offer our customers advantages over competitive products, such as higher retention with a tab counterpart, a greater number of mechanical and electrical contact points, tab guidance for easier insertion, and increased mechanical stability in the mated position. Plus, their small profile makes them easy to insert, especially when the mating tabs are located in difficult-to-reach areas.” TE’s F-spring contact FASTON products are offered in straight and flag versions and are RoHS compliant, says the company.

By Craig Dyball