World's first continuous diabetic monitoring solution uses Bluetooth Smart technology

23-04-2015 | Nordic | Design Applications

Nordic Semiconductor has announced that leading U.S. blood glucose monitoring giant, Dexcom, is now shipping what Dexcom claims is the world's first commercially-available continuous diabetic monitoring solution with continuous (24x7) remote monitoring by adding Bluetooth Smart (formerly known as Bluetooth low energy) wireless connectivity to Dexcom's existing G4 Platinum CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) handheld using the Nordic µBlue nRF8001 single-chip-connectivity solution. This enables the blood glucose monitor to securely transmit glucose information to a free Dexcom app running on any iOS (and shortly Android) Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphone. The Dexcom G4 Platinum CGM System with Share allows blood glucose readings to be measured at a frequency of up to once every five minutes and shared with the mobile devices of up to five designated 'follower' recipients who can then remotely monitor a diabetic's glucose information and receive alert notifications from almost anywhere in the world with cellular network coverage, says the company. "The Dexcom Share represents a new paradigm in diabetic treatment whereby dynamic trends (up, down, and stable) in a diabetic's blood glucose levels can be continuously monitored and shared on a 24x7 basis for the first time," said Jorge Valdes, chief technical officer, Dexcom. "This will not only give much greater insight and more accurate and timely management of the diabetic's condition compared to traditional finger sticks, it will also give diabetics, their loved ones and/or their caregivers the peace of mind to know they are safe at any time. We selected the Nordic µBlue nRF8001 because we could not find a better Bluetooth Smart solution on the market in terms of power consumption and performance. This decision three years ago has since been validated many times over with an exceptionally high level of service, technical support knowledge, and complete absence of supply issues. In fact Nordic Semiconductor has been a pleasure to work with which has freed us up to focus on developing a world-first product."

By Craig Dyball