Low-current wire-to-wire genderless interconnects boost efficiency

08-04-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Molex Ditto genderless connectors are now available from Mouser. The low-current wire-to-wire interconnects are designed to boost cost savings and operational efficiency. The Ditto, 2.5mm pitch, single-housing and terminal interconnect system is designed to support low-current up to 7A per blade and 20 to 26 AWG wire size applications such as consumer appliances, non-automotive transportation and exterior lighting.. This genderless interconnect solution reduces by half the required application tooling, setup time, and cost incurred in dual-gender wire-to-wire equivalents. They also provide faster tool setup without the need for machine changeovers. The interconnects offer a platform for standardization in harness applications where components are procured from different sources. Barrel-type terminals also provide universal support for a variety of wire gauge and styles, says the company.

By Electropages Admin