Industries lowest-current temperature-compensated I2C RTC module

21-04-2015 | Micro Crystal | New Technologies

The Micro Crystal RV-8803-C7 is the first temperature-compensated RTC optimized for ultra-low power consumption to replace expensive batteries and super caps with low-cost MLCC capacitors for battery backup operation, says the company.

The current consumption of 240nA and operation down to 1.5V significantly increases the operational life of backup supplies and allows for potential use of low cost MLCC capacitors as a short term backup solution. All this while providing accuracy of ±3ppm (±0.26 seconds/day) over a temperature range of -40C to +85C. In addition to the lowest current and best accuracy of all temperature-compensated RTCs, the RV-8803-C7 also has the smallest ceramic package in the industry with an integrated 32.768KHz quartz crystal.

The RTC’s accurate timekeeping together with reliability of a power failure backup makes it ideal for a wide range of applications such as metering applications, embedded modules, data loggers, white goods, automotive, portable / wearable medical equipment and all types of POS systems.

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