Future-proof interconnect system using either optical or copper interconnects

23-03-2015 | Samtec | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Samtec has announced an agreement with Hirose Electric USA, Inc. as a second source for Samtec’s FireFly Micro Flyover System. As a certified independent second source, Hirose can now provide its customers a future-proof inside-the-box system, as well as additional support to Samtec’s customers who use FireFly in current and future applications, says the company.

Adam Linderman, SI product manager, Samtec, said: “Having a dual source for FireFly further demonstrates Samtec’s dedication to mid-board active optical technology. Hirose is a leader in high speed and miniature interconnect systems, and this partnership no doubt makes using FireFly much easier for customers.”

Michy Shibutani, optical engineering manager, Hirose Electric Japan, added, “We are excited to offer the FireFly interconnect family. With its industry leading density, future-proof design, ease of routing and assembly, and superior signal integrity, FireFly makes an outstanding addition to our product offering.”

The patented FireFly Micro Flyover System is the first future-proof interconnect system that gives designers a choice of using either optical or copper interconnects with the same micro footprint to meet today’s data rate requirements and the next generation. Data connections to 28+ Gbps bypass the board and other components therefore simplifying board layout design and enhancing signal integrity.

FireFly features a rugged secure connection to the board with customizable profiles as low as 8.12mm with integral heat sink and optical multi-mode fibre that surpasses Telcordia GR-468 (300 G). This Micro Flyover System optimizes signal integrity by providing potential for higher data rate speeds and longer cable lengths, which aids in full channel system support, streamlining and optimizing the signal path, from the IC to the board, any point in between and beyond, says the company.

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