Tough connectors for solar power and energy-harvesting applications

24-03-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Mouser is now stocking Amphenol Industrial's H4 UTXT photovoltaic (PV)
connectors. They are IP68 rated and specifically designed to meet
requirements for solar power and energy harvesting applications, offering a
high 65A rating. The connectors provide highly efficient power transfer
with extremely low loss by the use of precision machined contacts utilizing
proprietary RADSOK Technology.

The H4 UTV PV connector is an enhanced version of the Amphenol Industrial H4
UTX solar connector. The connectors now support a ratcheting gland nut which
prevents backspin once the nut is tightened. Other improvements include
environmentally safe gaskets and wire-retention collets. Contacts can accept
wire gauges from 14AWG to as large as 8AWG (2.5mm² to 10mm²), providing
higher current capabilities and lower contact resistance than conventional
solar connector solutions. Typical contact resistance is only 0.25mohm,
resulting in extremely low power losses. Connectors mate quickly and easily
with an audible snap lock mating system that helps insure an error-free

Amphenol Industrial's RADSOK Technology insures a high contact, low
resistance connection by placing a web of around two dozen tiny beams
running from the front to back of the female contact. As the male contact is
inserted, the web wipes the male contact clean while providing solid
multiple connections, imparting high current flow with minimal voltage loss.

The H4 UTX Connectors provide high-reliability connections and are highly
resistant to the harsh environments found in solar power installations,
including resistance to extremes of heat, cold, immersion in water, ozone,
salt, abrasion, UV and sunlight.

The H4 UTX meets all three of the highest certification standards on the
market, allowing one solar connector to be used globally. Certifications
include EN50521 TUV 1500V- Class A (All Access), UL6703 1000V (Americas) and
JET 1500V (Japan). The H4 UTX are fully matable with all existing H4 PV
connectors, says the company.

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