Powerful highly-flexible multi-protocol RF system on a chip

30-03-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Nordic Semiconductor's nRF51422-QFAAR7 RF System on a Chip (SoC) is now available from Mouser stock. The device is a powerful, highly-flexible multi-protocol SoC ideally suited to ANT and Bluetooth Smart ultra-low-power wireless applications. The nRF51422 features a 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU with 256kB/128kB flash + 32kB/16kB RAM. An embedded 2.4 GHz transceiver supports both Bluetooth Smart and the Nordic Gazell protocol stacks. The nRF51422 requires a single power supply and gives the designer the option of using on-chip linear regulators with a supply range of 1.8 to 3.6V, a direct 1.8V mode and an on-chip DC-DC buck converter with a supply range of 2.1 to 3.6V. The use of the DC-DC converter can be dynamically controlled during run time and enables nRF51822 to operate at radio peak currents below 10mA at 3V supply (TX at 0dBm and RX), says the company.

By Electropages Admin