Games built with Cocos2d-x to MIPS-based devices running Android now easier to target

19-03-2015 | IMG | Design Applications

Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) and Chukong Technologies, creator and
maintainer of the widely adopted open-source game engine Cocos2d-x, announce
that the latest version of Cocos2d-x has been fully optimized to run on
devices with Imagination's MIPS CPUs or PowerVR GPUs.

More than 400,000 developers worldwide, including developers of seven out of
the ten top grossing games in China, rely on Cocos2d-x to build their mobile
games. The exciting collaboration between Imagination and Chukong means
developers can easily target games built with Cocos2d-x to MIPS-based
devices running Android, including Imagination's Creator CI20 microcomputer.

The Creator CI20 microcomputer combines two of Imagination's key
technologies - MIPS CPUs and PowerVR GPUs - to deliver a compelling gaming
experience for entry-level mobile and embedded devices.

By also optimizing Cocos2d-x for the PowerVR graphics architecture, Chukong
is ensuring a smooth user experience for 2D and 3D graphics for all games
using the game engine. Additionally, Chukong is leveraging the latest
version of the PowerVR SDK and tools from Imagination to enable rapid
graphics application development, from asset exporting and optimization to
prototyping and performance analysis, says the company.

Ricardo Quesada, chief architect, Chukong Technologies, said: "Imagination
provides the industry-leading PowerVR graphics processors inside many iconic
smartphones and tablets. We've worked with them extensively on performance
optimizations for games built using the Cocos2d-x engine and have been very
happy with the tools and utilities they provide for Android. We have also
used their new MIPS Creator CI20 microcomputer to further optimize our game
engine and include support for the MIPS architecture."

Says Bryce Johnstone, senior manager for third party alliances, Imagination,
added: "Imagination's ecosystem reaches more than 60,000 developers, from
established game studios to indie programmers. We are very excited about the
work that Chukong Technologies has been doing with Cocos2d-x on the CI20.
Our collaboration has resulted in a fully optimized game engine that will
enable developers to create exciting games for the many devices in the
market using PowerVR GPUs, and also port some of the world's most popular
titles to the MIPS architecture. This is a superb example of how companies
benefit from working with PowerVR and MIPS."

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