MIPS CPUs are key components of FourGee LTE chipsets

03-03-2015 | Imagination Technologies | Design Applications

Imagination Technologies and Altair Semiconductor report growing market
traction for Altair's LTE chipsets which utilize MIPS CPUs. Altair's LTE
devices, including the FourGee-3100/6200 chipset, have been the
communications engine inside millions of devices sold by more than 30
connected device manufacturers to-date.

Altair's chipsets with MIPS CPUs inside are designed to support a range of
applications, including tablets, mobile hotspots, routers and M2M devices.
They are deployed commercially on LTE networks around the world including:
1 - Verizon Ellipsis 7 tablet, available exclusively from Verizon for its 4G
LTE network
2 - HP Chromebook 11-inch LTE, an ultra-portable device developed by HP in
close collaboration with Google
3 - ASUS Chromebook 13.3-inch LTE, available at major retailers across the
United States
4 - D-Link LTE eMBMS-enabled HDMI dongle, the first such product that is
compatible with a leading U.S. carrier's 4G LTE network
5 - First International Computer, Inc. (FIC) Elija TF9300 9.7-inch Android
tablet, a 3.5GHz LTE-enabled tablet computer
6 - SoftBank BB Corp. devices used for its wireless Internet service in

In addition, the FourGee-3800/6300 Category 4 chipset, the successor of the
Category 3 FourGee-3100/6200 chipset, recently achieved Verizon Wireless
chipset certification. The 3800/6300 chipset features download speeds of
150Mbps and upload speeds of 50Mbps, and supports advanced features such as
VoLTE and eMBMS. It is already designed into multiple modules and end-user
devices and is deployed commercially in leading carrier markets, says the

Eran Eshed, co-founder and VP marketing and business development for Altair,
said: "MIPS CPUs are a key component of our FourGee LTE chipsets. The small
silicon area of MIPS is key for highly cost-sensitive applications such as
LTE, and its efficiency means we can achieve the highest levels of
performance in the smallest silicon area and with the lowest power
consumption. Imagination is a key partner for Altair to ensure the best
possible solutions for next-generation LTE devices for mobile devices, IoT
applications and beyond."

Tony King-Smith, EVP marketing, Imagination Technologies, added: "MIPS CPUs
are an ideal fit for LTE chipsets, and MIPS multi-threading technology
offers a compelling value proposition for these devices. We are delighted
that Altair recognizes this. The market clearly acknowledges the value of
LTE-only devices, and we are delighted to continue our long-standing
relationship with Altair as they continue to drive the MIPS architecture
into a new generation of exciting new LTE enabled products."

Altair's chipsets leverage multiple MIPS CPUs controlling various functions,
including the network processor subsystems. The multi-threading capability
in the MIPS CPUs can be a particularly advantageous in balancing cost,
performance and power, and can boost performance where multiple
latency-sensitive tasks must be handled simultaneously.

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