No missing codes from new 14-bit 500ksps SAR analog-to-digital converter

30-01-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks the Maxim MAX11262, a 14-bit 500ksps successive
approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The +5V unipolar
pseudo-differential input SAR ADC offers exceptional AC and DC performance
in a compact standard package.

The MAX11262 'guarantees' 14-bit no-missing codes performance and is most
suitable for applications such as automatic test equipment (ATE), industrial
process control, medical instrumentation, narrowband receivers, and test and
measurement systems.

The device typically achieves 85.4dB SNR, -102dB THD, and ±0.2 LSB INL
(typ), ±0.12 LSB DNL (typ). The MAX11262 communicates using an
SPI-compatible serial interface at 2.5V, 3V, 3.3V, or 5V logic. The serial
interface can be used to daisy-chain multiple ADCs for multichannel
applications and provides a busy indicator option for simplified system
synchronization and timing.

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