High-quality sensor and micro-sensor components and evaluation kits

14-01-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser has entered into a global distribution agreement with Sensirion AG, a
leading manufacturer of high-quality sensor and micro-sensor components and
evaluation kits. Sensirion products available include MEMS-based humidity
and temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and mass flow sensors developed
for a wide variety of applications.

The product line includes a broad selection of industrial sensors developed
with patented CMOSens technology. CMOSens combines the environmental sensor
and processing electronics on a single chip, resulting in higher system
integration as well as accurate measurements with long term stability over
the sensor’s operating conditions. Sensirion’s products provide intelligent
system integration for high reliability, cost effective systems.

Also stocked, SHTxx and STSxx digital relative humidity and temperature
sensors, LG01 flow switch and bubble detectors for liquids, and SDPx series
of high-performance differential pressure sensors. All products are backed
by a variety of plug and play evaluation kits that support data logging to a
USB memory stick.

This new distribution agreement provides Mouser customers with a greater
selection of high-quality, high-performance sensors for measuring humidity,
temperature, gas and liquid flow, says the company.

"The best-in-class service promise by Mouser in conjunction with an
exceptional logistics concept will ensure that our sensors are available to
customers in large and small quantities at any time all over the world,”
said Christian Constantin, distribution channel manager, Sensirion.

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