New 50mF high-CV wet tantalum capacitors designed to contend with aqueous supercapacitors

19-01-2015 | AVX | New Technologies

A new series of high CV wet tantalum capacitors that approach the ultra high volumetric capacitance densities of aqueous supercapacitors - as well as surmount their temperature and soldering limitations - has been unveiled by AVX.

Developed using a novel design process based on high CV tantalum powders, the new TWD DCUltraMax Series High CV Wet Tantalum Capacitors achieve extremely high DC capacitance values and, unlike aqueous supercapacitors, are rated for continuous high temperature operation to at least 85°C and are compatible with both wave and reflow soldering to a PCB. Currently available with a CV value of 50mF at 6.3V, TWD DCUltraMax Series capacitors are ideal for use in a variety of harsh environment applications, including: pulse applications, energy harvesting, energy storage, defence electronics, and avionics.

Using a new design approach that employs high CV tantalum powders, AVX has created high CV wet tantalum capacitors that both rival the extremely high volumetric capacitance densities of aqueous supercapacitors and conquer their limitations by tolerating higher temperatures and the stresses associated with wave and reflow soldering,” said Mitch Weaver, member of the technical staff at AVX. “The new TWD DCUltraMax Series offers design engineers in the energy, military, and aerospace industries a high reliability, value-added alternative to aqueous supercapacitors.”

Rated for use in temperatures spanning -55C to 85C, capacitance and voltage values for the new TWD DCUltraMax Series span 50mF to 150mF and 6.3V to 2.5V, respectively. However, series extensions exhibiting CV values of 150mF at 2.5V and rated for maximum operating temperatures as high as 105C are currently in development. In addition to high CV, TWD DCUltraMax Series capacitors also exhibit a low DCL of 0.0001CV, do not require derating, and are available with lead-free or SnPb terminations. Packaged in a DSCC T4 case (AVX’s E case), the series measures 26.97mm in length and 9.52mm in diameter without an insulating sleeve or 10.31mm in diameter with an insulating sleeve. The terminal welded to each case measures 57.15mm.

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