Budget spectrum analyser offers high-performance features

26-01-2015 | Amplicon | Test & Measurement

Amplicon now offers the Keysight N9320B, a new budget spectrum analyser with a 9kHz to 3GHz frequency range and high optional features including tracking generator and preamplifier, making them suitable for a wide range of test department needs. The low cost and easy to use spectrum analyser allows in-depth testing and analysis while still being a viable solution for many different business sectors such as R&D, QA or university research. The N9320B has the features of a high-end spectrum analyser including a 10ms non-zero span sweep so that test timing is greatly reduced. This, paired with the ability to carry out repeated tests through the use of shortcuts and one button auto-tuning translates to a quicker and easier way to find desired measurements, making the N9320B ideal for production environments where repeated testing on large quantities of products is required. Industry standard SCPI language for automated test programming is supported as well as multiple options for connectivity, with USB, LAN and GPIB interfaces included as standard. The N9320B also has a resolution bandwidth (RBW) from 10Hz to 1MHz allowing a wide range of frequencies to be resolved, as well as wide or short sweeps to be completed depending on the required resolution. The N9320B has other optional features to help improve functionality. It has a tracking generator, allowing the spectrum analyser to be used for measuring the frequency response, conversion loss and return loss along with many other measurements required within network and RF systems. To improve the sensitivity of the analyser, an optional preamplifier is also available. This is achieved by decreasing the noise figure of the preamplifier/analyser combination, so as the gain of the preamp increases and noise figure decreases the sensitivity increases. Rhys Murphy, measurement and control product specialist, Amplicon said: "The very competitively priced N9320B is a powerful spectrum analyser that perfectly represents the high quality standards associated with Keysight Technologies products.”

By Electropages Admin