The microprocessor controlled H2 Hal Scan can be used to confirm the safety, integrity and performance of semiconductor devices, interconnections, wound components (including transformers), switches and similar devices used in the manufacture and assembly of electronic and electrical products.

Available from Clare Instruments, the advanced H2 Hal Scan incorporates five fully-isolated pairs of HT outputs, allowing total flexibility when connecting test outputs to shared test points. For example, two separate output connection pairs may share a common test point. Because all output pairs are electrically isolated from each other, two separate output pairs may be connected with reverse polarity to the same test points. This example would allow both positive and negative DC hi-ipot testing of the same sample device.

Utilising direct connection to standard or customised, multi-test point enclosures, the new H2 Hal Scan speeds-up complex hi-pot test sequences associated with the sample, batch or full production testing of components and assemblies that require more than one pair of hi pot test connections.

The Hal Scan has programmable voltage outputs of 0-5kVAC and 0-6kVDC, allowing user friendly control of test voltages, ramping times, leakage limits and other parameters, and allows multiple test voltage, complex test sequences to be generated safely and effectively.

Traceability of test results, and of any testing configuration, is a key feature of the new product. This is achieved by the patented use of a simple bar code scanner, and bar code label printer. This novel approach to automating the test configuration, allows full compliance with any current or future ISO quality procedure. Specialist software and a large capacity internal database give the instrument the ability to store test details and result against serial numbers. Up to 6000 test results can be stored in the unit’s internal memory, with outputs to produce labels, reports and proof that components have been tested.

The H2 Hal Scan complies with BS EN 50191 and has been designed for the fast and effective testing or validation of components in development laboratories, as part of incoming goods quality assurance test systems, in R&D centres and in Type Testing Laboratories, says the company.

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