Aimed at automotive and home appliance markets, a new ultra-low profile shaft encoder with a height of just 3mm has been announced by Abacus Deltron.

The ALPS RDC083E 15mm encoder is a 360 degree hollow shaft encoder that is exceptionally compact, offering designers the flexibility of a footprint of just 15mm x 15mm as well as its low profile.

The encoders feature a two-phase output, which enables them to cover a full 360 degree range with a resolution of 3 pulses. Power supply rating is 10mA 5VDC and the specified maximum torque is 0.01mN.m without detent. Operational life is 70,000 cycles.

Designed for automated reflow soldering and available in tape-and-reel packaging, the RDC083E is ‘ideal’ for volume production, for example in automotive climate control and domestic appliances, says the company.

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