Integrated RF-sampling transceivers enable multiantenna wideband systems

06-03-2019 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments has introduced two new RF-sampling transceivers claimed to be the first in the industry to integrate four ADCs and four DACs in a single chip. With the claimed industry’s widest frequency range, highest instantaneous bandwidth and 75% smaller design footprint compared to a discrete solution, the quad-channel AFE7444 and dual-channel AFE7422 transceivers support engineers to more easily achieve multiantenna, direct RF sampling for radar, software defined radio and wireless 5G applications.

The devices join the company’s RF-sampling transceiver portfolio that satisfies engineers’ performance, bandwidth and power demands with high integration.

You can evaluate the new transceivers with the AFE7444EVM and AFE7422EVM evaluation modules.

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