LEDs specially designed for full-colour video walls

25-02-2019 | RS Components | Lighting Technologies

The Multi CHIPLED RGB LED from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, features three dies (red, true green and blue) which can be controlled separately to provide various colours including white. The LEDs are available now from RS components. These multi-chip packages offer a black body which provides an enhanced contrast.

Applications for the LTRB R8SF CHIPLED comprise Pachinko machines, backlighting for LCDs, coupling into light guides, keys, switches, illuminated advertising and general lighting.

The devices feature RGB multi-chip LEDs, with an operating temperature range between -40C to +85┬░C. The device is provided in a compact SMT package of 3.1mm x 3.1mm x 0.95mm.

This device is primarily designed for full-colour video walls. The four-lead common anode technology admits an additive mixture of colour stimuli by independent driving of each chip. The very compact package size fits best for high-resolution narrow pitch video walls.

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