RS Components- LED lighting portfolio expanded with new high-power devices

12-10-2018 | RS Components | Lighting Technologies

RS Components has expanded its lighting portfolio and produced more options for engineers and lighting designers with the introduction of a series of high-power LEDs from Osram that provide innovative packaging.

Rather than using traditional and costly ceramic-based packaging for professional exterior lighting applications, the Osram OSCONIQ P series of high-power and ultra-high-power LEDs employ epoxy-based packages that provide excellent reliability, long-term performance and superior light output. To accomplish this high-level performance, the company has leveraged its expertise in automotive markets and merged its highly competitive lead-frame technology with its high-power chip abilities to produce a broad range of mass-market lighting applications, including the industrial, architectural and agricultural sectors.

The series includes the P2226, P3737 and P7070 families. The first of these – the P2226 – is a white and colour LED series that provides a full mid-power colour portfolio, as well as high levels of corrosion resistance. The family also combines a compact package with a footprint of only 2.6mm x 2.2mm along with high performance and broad current and temperature operating ranges, thereby allowing high design flexibility in professional lighting markets including horticultural lighting in agricultural environments.

Allowing very compact luminaire designs, the P3737 family provides a long lifetime and a high light output with a minimised package size. The family includes a 2W and a 3W version and is ideal for professional outdoor lighting such as street or tunnel lighting.

Targeting outdoor lighting and industrial luminaires, the ultra-high-power white-colour P7070 family provides 8W of electrical power performance. It can allow a notable reduction in system costs for lighting designers providing superior thermal behaviour and best-in-class reliability. The family also provides a comprehensive selection of lenses for secondary-optics applications.

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