Development module features credit Card 5" resistive touch screen module

08-06-2018 | RS Components | Development Boards

The Bridgetek VM810C is a development module for the FTDI FT810 graphics engine device. The device is available now from RS Components. The device supports any LCD panel that meets the FT810 technical specification and fits the VM810C display connector.

The module consists of the FT810 EVE2 Embedded Graphics Engine device; a 40-way Flex-Cable connector for LCD panel and Touchscreen inputs; an on-board LCD backlight LED driver, up to 60mA. The included on-board mono audio power amplifier, features three-stage audio filter and 8Ohm micro speaker with audio line-out option. The host communication consists of serial SPI with 5V tolerant buffers. The power supply comes from micro-USB, SPI connector or two-pin connector. The device dimensions are 85.6mm x 54.1mm.

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