Technology helps new Audi engines stay cool

05-03-2015 | TT Electronics | Design Applications

TT Electronics has revealed its role in helping Volkswagen-Audi Group (VAG)
boost the fuel economy and reduce the emissions of its latest-generation A3,
A4, A6 and similar-sized models.

Engineers at the company’s Salzburg technical centre created an electrically
driven 50W water-pump controller (EWPU) that has been employed in a range of
applications including the turbo-intercooler circuit of the advanced EA288
2.0-litre turbo diesel engine. TT Electronics has over 10 years’ experience
developing electronic controls for on-demand driven items such as
turbo-intercooler pumps and main water pumps up to 600W at 12V and 1,000W
for the new 48V on-board supply system. These help increase fuel efficiency
by reducing load on the engine crank, and reduce emissions by assisting
faster warm-up.

To create the new EWPU for the EA288 turbo-intercooler, TT Electronics
worked with Volkswagen-Audi Group and the water pump supplier, Saleri. The
integrated control unit is optimised for mass-market deployment, and meets
high performance and reliability targets using conventional assembly
technologies with a specially designed frameless EMC (electromagnetic
compatibility) filtering circuit. Sophisticated motor control and
diagnostics ensure smooth running and maximise reliability, while the option
to connect to the vehicle’s LIN infrastructure provides scope for richer
communications, says the company.

“Our expertise in EWPU development, spanning applications from
high-performance cars to the latest generations of clean, economical
vehicles, made TT Electronics the ideal technical partner for the EA288
project,” said Johann Maier, product line director, power modules. “This
latest success enhances our credentials as the leading developer of
electronic powertrain controls for conventional, hybrid, and electric

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