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Most of us know about the latest round of sabre-rattling, chest-thumping verbal exchanges between the USA and North Korea as they strive to convince each other their military... More
May 22, 2017 By Paul Whytock
The answer to that must surely be no. Vivaldi wrote more than 500 concertos for mandolin, cello, flute, viola, recorder and lute, and around 230 of them were for violin. I doubt... More
May 16, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Bluetooth connectivity has become so widely available these days it almost seems like a consumer right. Spare a thought though for developers who have to implement the Bluetooth... More
May 10, 2017 By Nick Robins
In two separate design projects Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology has surpassed GaAs passive mixer designs relative to input third-order intercept point to local oscillator drive... More
May 3, 2017 By Paul Whytock
When Apple thinks there is a better option available than current de facto connectivity standards it has never been afraid to pioneer it. It was therefore no surprise when the... More
Apr 27, 2017 By Mark Patrick
Picture the scene. The cosy dinner for two is finished, the bottle of Rioja has been demolished and you're both nicely tucked between the sheets only to have your partner turn and... More
Apr 25, 2017 By Paul Whytock
The power-generation potential of solar cells has received a significant boost following the development of a highly efficient bifacial cell. The cell design was facilitated by... More
Apr 19, 2017 By Paul Whytock
A technology collaboration aimed at making autonomous self-driving vehicles safer has been agreed between analog component specialists Analog Devices (ADI) and Japanese... More
Apr 18, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Over the past decade humans have managed to churn out millions of words about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will eventually obsolete the creativity, ingenuity,... More
Apr 11, 2017 By Paul Whytock
City lights views at night are great visually but they are a greedy consumer of the world’s electricity resource. Here are the facts. Nearly 20% of all the electricity consumed... More
Apr 3, 2017 By Paul Whytock
A downloadable software App that can turn a car into a self-driving autonomous unit can now be downloaded via the Internet. (Link at end of story) Called DriveYOU the app only... More
Mar 31, 2017 By Paul Whytock
The major contributing factor jeopardizing embedded security is the prolific surge of IoT related products and systems that are hitting the market. So why can’t all these new... More
Mar 29, 2017 By Paul Whytock

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