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A new research study about IoT from Inmarsat has shown that agritech businesses help many food producers meet increasingly stringent import requirements by monitoring food... More
Jul 20, 2017 By Nigel Seymour
Cyber security and the stealing of personal data is big news these days and so its not surprising that I receive a regular stream of press releases from expert companies... More
Jul 19, 2017 By Paul Whytock
With the increasing popularity of automatous vehicles there is a requirement for improved safety of vehicles and occupants. This need is opening markets for more advanced... More
Jul 18, 2017 By Nigel Seymour
Two new SmartEverything solutions from Arrow, the LION IoT development system-on-module (SoM) board and the ARIS IoT board that support Internet of Things (IoT) application... More
Jul 13, 2017 By Paul Whytock
We all know that industrial networks, endpoints and control systems have inherent insecurities making them vulnerable to compromise through digital methods. With over 5.6 million... More
Jul 12, 2017 By Nigel Seymour
In a major technological development a material-device-circuit level co-optimisation of field-effect transistors (FETs) based on 2D materials for high-performance logic... More
Jul 11, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Electroblog recently covered a couple of stories highlighting the menace of counterfeit electronic products and how one of the ways dishonest companies sell them is via industry... More
Jul 4, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Two breaking news items pinged their way onto my desktop this week that reminded me of a couple of stories Electropages published a few months ago. The first latest news item... More
Jun 26, 2017 By Paul Whytock
The German city of Stuttgart played host to the Automotive Testing Expo where over 300 companies attended to show off their new technologies in the areas of car testing,... More
Jun 15, 2017 By Paul Whytock
E-mode 200 and 650Volt power devices that achieve a Ron dispersion of under 20% have been successfully developed using 200mm GaN-on-Silicon wafers. The technology was created by... More
Jun 13, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) displays are front-page news again following the industry rumour that Apple is considering the thin, lightweight screen technology for the... More
Jun 5, 2017 By Mark Patrick
A Microcontroller Unit (MCU) with graphics design facilities equaling Microprocessor Units (MPUs) has been launched by microcontroller and analog semiconductor specialists... More
May 30, 2017 By Paul Whytock

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