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I recently met a senior engineer that had worked for a large international car maker for most of his career and the topic of our conversation was how modern cars had become laden... More
Feb 22 2017 By Paul Whytock
Walk round any shopping mall and you’ll see parents pushing their beloved offspring in buggies with the child totally absorbed in the computer tablet or mobile phone they are... More
Feb 16, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Flexible solar cells that are more flexible than silicon-based products will create a diversity of design opportunities when it comes to portable and wearable technology. This... More
Feb 14, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Thought your laptop was fast. Well try to imagine a computer that is 100 million times faster. This leap into binary hyper-drive is now considered a possibility with the... More
Feb 7, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Advances in networking mean that Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology is fast approaching a situation where it becomes a practical reality. However, the application of... More
Feb 2, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Picture this. You have just set up your exhibition booth at the Electronica 2016 exhibition in Munich only to find the neighbouring booth next to you is exhibiting products with... More
Jan 31, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Cadmium is the culprit and it’s used in many home electronic goods, including lighting, computers and televisions. It causes cancer and targets cardiovascular, renal,... More
Jan 25, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Whilst telecoms and computer market demand for semiconductor devices can best be described as mercurial the automotive industry appetite for electronic devices has been a... More
Jan 19, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Future owners of electric vehicles (EV) may find themselves embroiled in a technology standards war over how they re-charge their cars. And let’s face it; right now one of the... More
Jan 17, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Year 2016 was billed by many industry observers as the year of the hacker and its certainly true that cyber criminals enjoyed bumper profits. The list of hacking examples is long.... More
Jan 10, 2017 By Paul Whytock
A principle operating characteristics for Bluetooth 5 is it must be extremely frugal regarding power consumption. To facilitate this, SIG, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group,... More
Dec 20, 2016 By Paul Whytock
As wireless connectivity is becoming the norm in all electronic devices, and even electrical appliances, the range of modules available on the market is expanding. There are many... More
Dec 19, 2016 By Martin Keenan

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