RS Components

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Electronic components in the quantity you need


  • 550,000 products in our global range
  • 250,000 electronics components available next day


  • FREE award winning design tools
  • FREE schematic design software and libraries


  • Competitive prices
  • Multiple order channels
  • Flexible packaging options - order in tubes, trays and reels

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RS Components News Keep up to date with RS Components electronics news on desktop, iPad, iPhone and Android devices with the suite of Electropages apps. To receive essential RS Components news, register with RS Components is a business to business supplier of industrial and electronics components, specialising in same day dispatch and high stock levels. The company operates a catalogue based distribution of electronics, electromechanical and industrial components. RS Components customers have access to 300,000 products from 1.200 leading manufacturers. Customers of the company's ecommerce site benefit from free technical assistance through a comprehensive online document library that includes over 101,000 documents covering RS, manufacturer news, semiconductor, CHIP and Health & Safety data sheets. To keep up with company news you can follow RS on their Website or Twitter