With the new Freescale MEMS Sensor Evaluation Board, available from Farnell element14, users can sense the real world by measuring motion, altitude and pressure along with the detection of magnetic fields and physical position.

The MEMS Sensor Evaluation Board is ideal for developing projects and designs on multiple platforms. The sensor board contains multiple Freescale Xtrinsic sensors including the MPL3115 high-precision pressure sensor, the MAG3110 low-power 3D magnetometer, as well as the MMA8491Q 3-Axis, digital accelerometer making it ideal for applications such as navigation devices, remote controls, wireless controllers, tablet computers or even medical devices.

The MEMS Sensor Evaluation Board communicates through I2C, and is equipped with headers with an Arduino shield and Freescale Freedom footprint, as well as a dedicated connector that allows connection to the Raspberry Pi. The MEMS Sensor Evaluation Board comes complete with device drivers and sample code to easily evaluate and demonstrate the performance of the sensors.

“This board will enable even more innovative designs and projects that can react to changes in the real-world.” said David Shen, CTO, Farnell element14. “This board has been designed for use with multiple embedded platforms and ideal for both engineers and hobbyists alike. This collaboration is part of our ongoing relationship with Freescale and ensures we remain market leaders in the development board space.”

The MEMS Sensor Evaluation Board features: 1 – Freescale Freedom KL25Z compatible connector, drivers and software 2 – Raspberry Pi compatible connector, drivers and software 3 – Arduino compatible footprint 4 – MPL3115 – High-Precision Pressure Sensor [50 to 110kPa, 2.5v] 5 – AG3110 – Low-power 3D Magnetometer 6 – MA8491Q – 3-Axis, Digital Accelerometer 7 – Quick Start Guide

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