The newest member of the BeagleBoard family, manufactured by Circuitco Electronics, the Beaglebone Black Development Board is now available from Avnet. Like its expanded family of components the BeagleBone Black is aimed at the open-source community, early adopters, and those interested in a high-expansion, low-cost focused ARM Cortex-A8 based processor.

Combining new features with the original successes of the original BeagleBone, the BeagleBone Black now has the option of accepting up to a maximum of four expansion boards or capes that can be stacked onto the expansion headers. Additional new features include enhanced graphics processing, imaging, peripherals and industrial interface options. The BB-BBLK-000 BeagleBone Black supports four boot modes, including eMMC boot, serial boot, microSD boot and USB boot.

This high expansion focused BeagleBoard is best suited to use in applications such as data backup, USB data acquisition, robotics, motor drivers and much more, says the company.

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