Stackpole’s HDM Series uses specialized materials, processing and controls to achieve a level of moisture resistance greater than traditional film resistors. The HDM Series remains stable after 1000 hours at 93% humidity and 1% bias. Standard carbon film and metal-film resistors will typically fail in these conditions. In addition, the HDM Series can withstand 100 hours at 2atm. of pressure and 100% relative humidity without failing, says the company.

The HDM Series’ carbon film resistance element is less expensive than metal glaze resistors which are normally used for high-humidity requirements. Finally the HDM Series offers 1% tolerances, which are normally difficult for carbon film technology to achieve. The HDM Series is available in ¼ watt and ½ watt power ratings.

Applications include portable test equipment, industrial and outdoor controls, safety and surveillance equipment, and power tools, says the company.

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