Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has launched its next-generation of solid-state hybrid drives (SSHD) – combining SSD-like performance with large HDD capacities. The new drives squeeze 8GiB of NAND storage and up to 500GB[2] of HDD storage into a svelte 2.5-inch form factor with 7mm height, ideal for high-performance and ultra-thin notebooks, and slimline PCs, says the company.

Both the MQ01ABF050H (500GB) and MQ01ABF032H (320GB) are thinner and lighter than previous models. The SSHDs achieve overall PC Mark Vantage scores of about 20,000 – making them ideal for users who don’t want to compromise on performance or capacity. Media transfer rates reach 1288Mbit/s while noise levels stay exceptionally low – maximum seek noise is just 21dB. In addition, the combination of the SATA 3.0 interface and small form-factor ensure compatibility with most PCs and laptops.

An updated self-learning algorithm saves regularly accessed files to the SLC NAND chip to ensure faster data retrieval. Likewise, data that is used less regularly is moved from the NAND chip to the HDD for long-term storage. This algorithm enables the hybrid drive to improve PC boot speeds compared to standard HDDs and enhance speed and component reliability in digital video recording applications. In addition, the self-learning mechanism continues to develop throughout the lifespan of the drive, constantly improving its performance, says the company.

“The launch of Toshiba’s new solid state hybrid drives will enable laptop and ultrabook users access to high speed, high capacity storage. By combining fast NAND flash technology with HDD storage space, consumers can now enjoy the best of both worlds,” said Martin Larsson, vice president, Toshiba Electronics Europe. “Toshiba’s years of experience and innovation in the storage industry means it’s in a unique position to capitalize on these benefits. The new hybrid model is one of the top innovative technologies for Toshiba and its transformative nature heralds a new type of storage for the consumer.”

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