Mouser now offers from stock the 4D Systems uLCD Display Modules for Raspberry Pi. The uLCD Display Module is specifically customized for the Raspberry Pi, 4D Serial Pi Adapter, and comes with a 5-way female-female cable.

The module packs enable a Raspberry Pi user to quickly connect the 4D Serial Pi Adapter to their Raspberry Pi, connect the 5-way cable between the Adapter and the Display Module, and be connected in seconds to start programming their new 4D Systems Display. The display module can be programmed in a number of ways using the 4D Systems Workshop 4 IDE Software. By default the display module will come loaded with the Serial application. Each module has a comprehensive range of serial commands ready to be received from the Raspberry Pi, to draw primitives such as lines, rectangles, circles, and text, to display images, play sound, and log data to a uSD card.

Also available are several starter kits, each containing a µLCD-xxPTU-PI Raspberry Pi Display Module Pack, 2gb microSD Card, and 4D Programming Adapter, says the company.

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