Gert van Loo, who designed the original alpha hardware that the Raspberry Pi Model B is based on, also designed the Gertboard, a little add-on board designed for the Raspberry Pi, which expands the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins and will allow users to interface with the outside world. Gertboard is now available exclusively through Farnell element14.

If you want to use your Raspberry Pi to drive motors to open doors, lift things, or power robotics; if you want to sense temperature and switch devices on and off; if you want to flash lights; if you want to teach it to play the glockenspiel; or if you want to learn about electronics from scratch, then Gertboard is for you. It comes with an assembly manual and a user manual, which also act as a pair of teaching guides, bundled with plenty of programs to show how to put things together.

Gertboard is packaged as a kit. It doesn’t come preassembled, users have to solder it together. Gertboard is not an official Raspberry Pi Foundation product, but it is designed and produced by someone who’s right at the heart of the Foundation and fits the Foundation’s goals perfectly, says the company.

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