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Silicon Designs – New low-cost triaxial MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules (2445)

Mar 8 2012 - Design & Manufacture [More Design & Manufacture Articles]

Designed to support a variety of low to medium-frequency triaxial measurement requirements, the 2445 Series of single-ended low-noise analog MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules has been introduced by Silicon Designs.

The rugged design of the model 2445 features three orthogonally mounted low-noise MEMS capacitive sensing elements, packaged in a nitrogen-damped, epoxy sealed lightweight aluminium housing, finished with a ±5V single ended outputs referenced to external ground.

Units are available with individual standard measurement ranges from ±2g to ±400g, with all designed for reliable operation over a temperature range of -55C to +125C. Non-standard units with enhanced measurement and temperature ranges, as well as alternative housings and outputs, are available upon request. The model 2445 features a six-wire connection with an instrumentation amplifier on each axis, for higher drive capability and low-impedance output. Both on-board voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference eliminate the need for precision power supplies and help ensure low power consumption. In addition, the model 2445 is relatively insensitive to temperature changes and gradients. Units respond to both DC and AC acceleration, says the company.

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