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Digi-Key – Safety MCU platform for safety-critical applications (Hercules ARM Safety MCU platform)

Mar 1 2012 - Design & Manufacture [More Design & Manufacture Articles]

Thee Texas Instruments’ Hercules ARM Safety MCU platform for medical, industrial and transportation safety-critical applications, is now available from Digi-Key.

The platform includes three tailored families to choose from so users can optimize and differentiate their designs :

1 – RM4x series designed for high-performance safety-critical applications

2 – TMS570 series designed for transportation safety-critical applications 3 – TMS470M series designed for safety apps requiring less performance

The Hercules family of MCUs help increase the safety and reliability of designs with an integrated hardware safety feature for high diagnostic coverage, and speed certification and development with robust tools, software, and support, says the company.

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