The first in a new range of Category 1 compliant radio receiver modules, the multi-channel COR3-869-5-SAL receiver has been unveiled by Radiometrix. Providing highly-reliable SRD performance, the COR3 receiver complies with the new EN300-220-2 V2.3.1 (2010-02) Category 1 standard for receivers (formerly Class 1).

Available on the licence-exempt European 869.2-869.250MHz sub-band for social alarms and also custom frequencies between 865-870MHz, the 32-channel COR3 offers superior sensitivity, interference rejection and stability. Category 1 performance is required in Europe for short-range communication devices for social alarm applications.

When paired with the new EST3 low power transmitter, a wireless data link with a range of over 500m can be easily achieved. The 25kHz channel spacing narrowband receiver has a receive sensitivity of -120dBm typical (for 12 dB SINAD) and incorporates a wide range RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator).

The new range of Category 1 receivers offers developers flexibility through consistent pinouts, compatible with our existing range of SIL package radios. Various levels of multi-channel operation are possible; parallel, serial channel selection, packet link for telemetry or encoder / decoder for telecommand and custom firmware.

With its compact dimensions (57mm x 26mm x 9mm), Category 1 compliance, CE marking and low power requirements (current consumption is typically 25mA), the COR3 is ideally suited to low-power wireless applications such as nurse-call systems, monitoring and control, high-end alarms and industrial applications including heavy vehicle / machine remote controls, says the company.

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