Digi-Key – Multimedia-enabled MPU with hardware video decoder and optional crypto (AT91SAM9M10-CU)

Sep 13 2011 - Semiconductors [More Semiconductors Articles]

Available now from Digi-Key, the Atmel SAM9M ARM926-based embedded MPU integrates an on-chip hardware video decoder and 2D accelerator, ensuring high-quality video functionality while preserving the full processing power of the CPU for the application.

Additional features include an embedded TFT LCD controller, resistive touch-screen support, camera interface, audio, high-speed serial communication, and DDR2 memory support. Built for maximum performance, the SAM9M is still power-efficient, with typical consumption levels below 300uW/MHz. It includes AES, TDES and SHA hardware encryption, making the device suitable for secured networked applications and software authentication.

For rapid evaluation and code development, an evaluation kit is available that is delivered with free packages for Android, Microsoft Windows, and Linux to enable rapid application development. Industry-leading third parties supply a full range of development tools, operating systems, protocol stacks, and applications to minimize time to market, says the company.

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