Leading specialist designer and manufacturer of highly-rugged industrial-grade MEMS capacitive accelerometer chips and modules, Silicon Designs has announced the expanded availability of its best-selling 2260 series modules to include new low-frequency ranges within a footprint that is 37% smaller than typical industry single axis models.

For best results, it is recommended that a test article be 10 to 20 times the mass of the accelerometer used. The compact size of the Silicon Designs 2260 series supports the accurate measurement of smaller components, such as those found in automotive interior panels, HVAC systems, lights and electrical systems, door assemblies and windows, UAV flutter testing and wind turbine tip vibration monitoring. Their compact size and relatively light weight helps to minimize mass loading effects that could otherwise compromise measurement accuracy.

Tailored for zero-to-medium frequency applications, the Silicon Designs model 2260 combines durability, quality and flexibility for precision shock and vibration measurements. It provides high-drive, low impedance buffering for high-reliability measurements. The accelerometer produces two analog voltage outputs which vary with acceleration and features a four-wire connection, supporting both single ended and differential modes.

The sensitive axis is perpendicular to the bottom of the package, with positive acceleration defined as a force pushing on the bottom of the package. Signal outputs are fully differential about a common mode voltage of approximately 2.5V, and are simple to power – even able to run on a 9V battery. The sensitivity is independent from the supply voltage of +8 to +32V. At zero acceleration, the output differential voltage is nominally 0VDC; at ± full scale acceleration, the output differential voltage is ±4VDC. The sensors feature on-board voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference which eliminates the need for precision power supplies. In addition, the model 2260 is relatively insensitive to temperature changes, with quick and easy self-calibration.

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