The PLXO Series surface-mount phase-locked crystal oscillators, from EM Research, are designed to operate at select custom frequencies from 5 to 500MHz as reference clocks in both military and commercial rf / microwave systems.

Locked to an external frequency reference (or optional internal reference), the PLXO units feature very low RMS jitter (<0.05pSec, typical), ‘excellent’ phase noise (Fout = 155MHz, <-20dBc/Hz at 1KHz, typical) and low power consumption at +3.3, +5, +8 or +12VDC. Housed in a miniature surface-mount package (0.9 x 0.9 x 0.15 inch), the PLXO units also feature no sub-harmonics and operate over an optional wide temperature range (-40C to +85C).

Applications include use as references for discrete phase detectors, frequency synthesizers, FPGA, DDS and AD / DA converters, as well as for mm-wave VSAT converters and PTP / PTMP radios, says the compa

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