ACAL Technology has announced it is sampling new Amphenol Bulldog connectors which combine quick release, impact resistance and extreme reliability into a single connector.

The special design features of the RoHS-compliant, IP68-sealed Bulldog connectors make them suitable for use in automotive, military and other harsh applications: Mating and breaking forces can be adjusted to suit specific applications, whilst the use of standard MIL-C insert arrangements means that the connectors provide the versatility for power, signal or data as well as mixed-contact platforms.

“Other connectors may integrate one or more of the features offered by these new connectors, but we believe that the Amphenol Bulldog series is the only one to combine all of these features into a single connector,” said Emma Hatton, ACAL Technology.

The Bulldog connectors’ quick release breakaway provides fast, safe connect and disconnect, reducing down-time and potential damage, particularly in jettison applications where damage limitation is critical. The scoop-proof design prevents contact damage during mating and de-mating.

A 1000+ mating cycle ensures that durability is over four times greater than MIL-C standard bayonet-and-thread coupling connectors, increasing the overall lifetime of the connector and reducing the need for frequent replacement. Sealing to IP68, and a corrosion-resistant aluminium bronze body, allows Amphenol Bulldog connectors to eliminate the need for plating, whilst the non-reflective finish is resistant to salt spray corrosion for at least 2000 hours. Assembly costs are reduced by a proven termination procedure which eliminates the need for special assembly tooling or training, says the company.

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