Designed specifically to address the board-to-board, cable-to-board, panel and I/O needs of applications requiring high power or highly durable solutions – Samtec’s extensive line of rugged and power interconnects is detailed in a new publication – the Rugged/Power Interconnect Capabilities Guide.

The products are particularly well suited to industrial, manufacturing, processing, measurement, solar and LED applications in military, aerospace, avionics, automotive industries, and for medical equipment and devices.

Several significant additions have recently been made to the company’s rugged / power product line. A new space-saving IP68-rated sealed rectangular system features either Mini Mate isolated power (RC1/RPB1 Series) or rugged Tiger Eye interfaces (RCT/RPBT Series). Also available is a new high-speed coax cable system (ERCD Series) and flex circuits (ERDL2 Series) with rugged Edge Rate connector strips or SEARAY High Density Arrays (SADL Series).

Other notable new rugged solutions include a 2mm pitch discrete wire assembly (S2SD/T2SD Series) with the popular high-reliability Tiger Eye multi-finger BeCu contact system and the addition of a high temp cabling option for several of Samtec’s discrete wire systems (PTFE Series).

New power application solutions include an expansion of the PowerStrip interface family with 10A (UPPT Series) and 25A (MPPT Series) hermaphroditic pass-through systems as well as the new high speed Q Rate interface with a space-saving slim body design and integral power/ground plane (QRM8/QRF8 Series). A reverse gender IP68-rated sealed circular power system, ideal for solar applications, is also now available, says the company.

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