Following on from the launch of the iHG Series of half-brick DC-DC converters, TDK-Lambda has added new devices offering a wide input range (36-75V) with nominal outputs from 2.5V/80A (200W), 3.3V/30A (99W), 3.3V/70A (231W), 5V/10A (50W) and 5V/60A (300W).

Providing exceptional thermal performance, using the Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) half-brick footprint, the iHG Series is seen as ideal for engineers designing low-airflow, high-temperature, 48V power architectures, for telecom, wireless and industrial applications.

The open-frame, single-board construction, with up to 92.5% efficiency, provides a very high level of useable power in convection cooled environments with very low levels of airflow. Furthermore, the innovative control circuitry brings considerable component count reduction, thereby improving reliability and lowering component and placement costs, as well as reducing its overall weight significantly. This makes the iHG family ideal as replacements or upgrades in legacy applications, as well as new designs.

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