A new digital radio technology called Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) is now taking off according to RadioScape, one of the world’s leading companies in digital radio technology. The DRM standard, which is complimentary to Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), digitises the Long Wave, Medium Wave, and Short Wave frequencies giving near FM-quality reception.

The company is now shipping the award winning RS500 module, which provides reception for DAB (Band-III & L-Band), DRM (LW, MW & SW), FM-RDS AM (LW, MW & SW) including AMSS, automatic alternative frequency switching (AFS), EPG (DAB), SDCARD Recording (DAB/DRM) and playback of MP3/WMA files.

The first multi-standard radio, based on the RS500, recently became available in Germany from 004 GmbH via T-Online ( www.t-online-shop.de). On November 21, 004 GmbH will be making the radios available to customers in France, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Belgium, and the UK. The radio is the Morphy Richards 27024 and other manufacturers’ models are expected to be available soon, says the company.

Robert Hein, CEO at 004 GmbH, said: “The DRM/DAB radios have been selling well and so we have put in a further two orders for more radios to meet growing demand. Customers are really excited by this new generation of digital radios and the new services that they bring.”

“There is a huge amount of collaborative effort behind the rollout of DRM,” explained John Sykes, Project Director for Digital Radio at BBC World Service. “Manufacturers, retailers and broadcasters are all working together to help make this happen as quickly as possible. DRM opens up new markets for broadcasters and advertisers by exploiting the huge geographical coverage of these services. Consequently consumers will have more new stations to choose from, especially in rural areas.”

Right from the inception of this new product development, RadioScape has ensured that DRM integrates seamlessly with DAB. Users will not have to be concerned with having to know which technology or frequency to tune in to. Users simply select the station name just as they do for DAB today. The RS500-powered radio displays a list of all the stations available on DAB, DRM, FM, MW, LW and SW, says the company.

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