Housed in space-saving SOT23 and SOT223 packages, new 200V rated P-channel

MOSFETs, from Zetex Semiconductors, are designed to significantly reduce the

size of active clamp designs previously reliant on much larger DPAK and SO8


Two miniature devices are initially offered, the ZXMP2120E5 in the 5-pinned

SOT23, and the ZXMP2120G4 in the novel 4-pin SOT223. The inter-pin spacing

of both package outlines has been maximised in order to maintain resistance

to high-voltage creepage.

In addition, the low gate capacitance P-channel process used in the MOSFETs´

manufacture ensures ringing is reduced during the switching transient and

very low-noise performance is achieved. As P-channel circuitry is simpler to

implement than N-channel, the ZXMP2120 MOSFETs can enable designers to

produce lower cost active clamps in smaller form factor 48V DC-DC forward

converters in telecom and server applications.

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