An evaluation kit, designed to significantly reduce the time-to-market of

applications using Toppoly´s 2.8″ and 3.5″ QVGA LTPS (Low Temperature

Polysilicon) TFT displays, has been introduced, by Anders.

Using the QVGA TFT Kit, engineers will typically get the display working

with their controller board within approximately one day, eliminating the

need to design their own interface board. It combines a 2.8″ or 3.5″ LTPS

display and integrated touch screen option with an interface board and all

of the cables and documentation needed to drive the display from a

microcontroller or TFT controller board. Target applications include data

collection devices, industrial handhelds, portable GPS systems, mobile

gaming, and other portable battery powered devices, says the company.

The kit comprises a 2.8″ or 3.5″ Toppoly QVGA display with optional

integrated resistive touchscreen and an Anders AED523 Interface Board. Full

documentation including application notes is also included helping designers

to easily connect their SBC or controller to the industry standard 40-way

PCB header connector. All necessary voltage levels for the display and LED

backlight are derived on board from power drawn through the connector, so

setting up and evaluation of images displayed on the screen can start

immediately. The board has a separate connector with orientation link

options for the touchscreen.

The company also offers a complete Windows CE 5.0 Hardware development

platform comprising the above hardware together with an Intel XScale PXA255

System-on-Module (SoM), Anders-designed baseboard, cables, Windows CE 5.0

and Software Development Kit. With the addition of a keyboard, mouse and

power supply this provides a ready to use development platform complete with

a working display and touchscreen.

Users can also outsource all aspects of their XScale and TFT development and

integration effort to Anders´ recently launched custom development service,

freeing their own design staff to focus on the application specific product

features that will bring them their market advantage.

Toppoly Optoelectronics´ transflective LCDs use advanced LTPS (low

temperature poly-silicon) technology to deliver better contrast ratios and

higher brightness and pixel density than conventional amorphous silicon TFT

displays. In addition, the use of LTPS technology and other techniques such

as chip on glass (COG) and system on panel (SOP) for very high levels of

integration minimises external component and contact count, simplifies

application design, and improves reliability.

Each unit provides a palette of 262k colours, high colour saturation and

wide viewing angles for both portrait and landscape viewing modes.

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