A new 8-page brochure, which highlights its complete range of gimbals and

optical mounts for high-precision elevation over azimuth positioning

applications, has been published, by Aerotech.

Aimed at demanding research and manufacturing applications including mirror

positioning, beam steering, target/star tracking, inertial gyro calibration

and sensor testing, the range includes a choice of drive systems including

brushless direct-drive, conventional servomotor or stepper motor drives with

geared transmission and manually driven variants.

The new brochure is available on request in hard copy or as a downloadable

PDF from the company´s website. The brochure is available in both English

and German language versions.

The gimbals and mounts are built to exacting standards with a strong

emphasis on highest precision bearings and finest quality machined housings

to ensure superior stability. Direct-drive versions are preferred for the

highest precision and most exacting applications. Direct-drive rotary

technology eliminates the need for mechanical linkages, couplings, ball

screws or gearboxes and when used with high precision feedback devices

allows a significant improvement in accuracy and repeatability with further

benefits of zero backlash, reduced vibration, lower noise and zero


At the top end of the range, the two axis AOM360D series gimbal will

position to within +/- 1 arc-sec with a resolution of 0.055 arc-sec.

Backlash-free, direct-drive brushless servomotors ensure 300 degree/sec

speed performance with exceptional smoothness and high acceleration. Mirror

or payload diameter is up to 500mm with a 50 kg load capacity. The AOM360D

has a thermal stability of better than 0.4 arc-secs per OC and industry best

orthogonality and wobble specifications of just 3 arc-secs.

The new brochure also features the new direct-drive brushless AMG series

gimbal in a choice of seven models for 150mm to 600mm diameter mirrors with

varying attributes to match the elevation over azimuth application

specifics. These include models with superior high-speed performance for

fastest tracking through to highest resolution for finest positioning. The

range also covers models aimed at solving applications requiring high

torque, small footprint, low profile, low jitter, smooth scanning and large

payload capability.

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